Bio-Health Psyllium Husk 400mg 120s

Bio-Health Psyllium Husk 400mg 120s

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In addition to its traditional and current use in the support and maintenance of a healthy bowel movements, psyllium was also used in traditional herbal systems of China and India to help support good intestinal health, healthy blood pressure levels, healthy levels of cholesterol and a healthy digestive system.

Psyllium Husk may help maintain and support:

  • Healthy bowel movements
  • Good intestinal health
  • Healthy levels of cholesterol
  • Healthy blood sugar levels
  • A healthy digestive system

2 capsules twice daily taken with a full glass of water. Children between 6 and 12, half adult dose.


    120 x 400mg Vegicaps

    1 capsule typically provides:


    Psyllium Husk
    (Plantago ovata - pure powdered husk)



    Psyllium Husk - capsule: Vegetable hypromellose (HPMC).