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Dr Organic Pomegranate Lip Balm 5.7ml SPF 15
DESCRIPTION Dr Organic Pomegranate lip balm is a rich, soothing balm which combines the antioxidant...
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Dr Organic Aloe Vera Lip Balm 5.7ml
DESCRIPTION It combines the soothing properties of Organic Aloe Vera with the moisturising and nourishing...
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Dr Organic Vitamin E Lip Balm 5.7ml
DESCRIPTION A rich soothing, protecting and moisturising balm, designed to hydrate dry lips. It combines...
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Dr Organic Royal Jelly Lip Balm 5.7ml
DESCRIPTION This sweet fragrant Lip Balm instantly moisturises and restores the condition of the lips...
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Dr Organic Manuka Honey Lipbalm 5.7ml
DESCRIPTION A rich natural lip balm which utilises the unique repairing properties of Organic Manuka...
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Dr Organic Rose Lip Serum 10ml
DESCRIPTION This uplifting aromatic Lip Serum instantly hydrates and regenerates the lips with a complex...
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Dr Organic Aloe Vera Cherry Lip Balm 5.7ml
DESCRIPTION Using only the purest organic Aloe Vera ensures that the plant’s beneficial polysaccharide levels...
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